By Celica Cook, SBM Student Life Editor


Day to day life isn’t what it was just one month ago. Businesses are closed. We have brought our course work home. The future looks uncertain, and this has been a difficult time for many people.


For some, this quarantine has brought about a much needed break. But, for others, being isolated at home puts a lot of negative stress on their mental health. There are ways to help yourself if you are struggling to maintain good mental health during quarantine.


Eden Willis is a senior social work student who also serves as the president of Minds Matter. She shared her advice on how to maintain good mental health during the quarantine, and why it is so important.


“It’s important to try to maintain a consistent schedule, be physically active, spend time outside and stay relationally connected,” Willis said.


It can be tempting to sit on the couch all day, but that does not benefit your mental health. While being in quarantine has placed some restrictions on our regular way of life, there are still plenty of things we can do to get out, get active and stay engaged with the day to day life.


Make space each day for physical activity, whether that be outside or inside. Try to go outside at least once a day. The sunlight has healing properties, and physical activity boosts mood levels, reduces stress and boosts productivity.


Staying relationally connected is also not impossible to do, even when you are not permitted to be around other people. Willis suggests using this time to connect with your family if you are living at home. She also suggests keeping up with your friends via video chats so you don’t have to completely lose connection.


“Finally, if possible, spend time developing hobbies,” Willis said. “Learning something new is a great way to use extra time.”


For those who struggle with anxiety, Willis suggests trying breathing exercises, journaling or talking to someone that you trust. The Engle Center is also available for free Telehealth counseling. They are a great professional resource for students to have when it comes to staying mentally healthy.


Mental health is not worth neglecting. Overall health is supported when all functions of the body, mind and spirit work together.


“Mental, physical, social and emotional health all influence each other,” Willis said. “Therefore, problems in one aspect will harm the other aspects.”


Minds Matter sends out weekly tips and resources on how to stay mentally healthy. Join their email list at to receive these helpful tips and learn more about how you can take care of your mental health.


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