By Brendan Labra, Student Writer


Hey there all you cool cats and kittens, it’s time to take another deep dive into Netflix’s beloved Tiger King. How will the show continue to ramp up the antics? Find out below.


Burnin’ Up

While the previous episode focused on Carole Baskin and her…possible murder of her ex-husband, this episode is more about the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic. Exotic and co. are desperately trying to create a reality show in order to propel their zoo and Exotic to fame.


Meanwhile in Florida, Baskin and her new husband, Howard are attempting to file a lawsuit against Exotic. As a way to antagonize Baskin and take away some of her business, Exotic has renamed his company The Big Cat Rescue Entertainment Company, and essentially copied her entire branding. Howard and Carole Baskin then take Exotic to court for a copyright lawsuit.

Exotic continuously antagonizes Baskin and her company during this lawsuit. This certainly is not a good look for Exotic and his case. This, along with the fact that Exotic has clearly broken the law, leads Baskin to win a whopping 1 million dollars from the case. Exotic does not have a million dollars to give, and Baskin essentially leaves him and his entire family bankrupt.


Remember the TV producer Rick Kirkham? He comes back into the fold this episode. He has been working hard to get Exotic’s reality show on the air. Just as he seems to be getting closer to a deal, the shed that he has all of his footage in (and a few alligators) mysteriously becomes engulfed in flames.


While we do not yet know who set the fire, there are a plethora of theories. Did Baskin hire Kirkham to burn it down? Or perhaps it was Joe trying to destroy evidence that could be used against him in future lawsuits? We may never know.


Finally, at the end of his rope financially, Exotic reaches out to an investor. Enter Jeff Lowe, who literally is always wearing a leather jacket in the Oklahoma heat. Exotic enters into business with Lowe who convinces Exotic to sign the zoo over to him.


Will things continue to get crazier in the coming episodes? I can bet they will. Check back next time.