Happy Friday everybody! Not only can everyone celebrate the end of the week today, but they can also celebrate another odd holiday of October. 


Today is deemed National Learn a New Word Day. Although the origins of the holiday are unknown, it is assumed that the holiday came about because today marks the birthday of Noah Webster. 


Webster was an American lexicographer born in 1758. He is best known for his “American Spelling Book” and “American Dictionary of the English Language.” In addition to Webster’s birthday being celebrated today, it is also National Dictionary Day in remembrance of him.

“I’m currently taking a public relations writing course, so we’re really focused on language and how to convey important topics to various audiences,” Kaitlin Merlino, a sophomore public relations major, said. “Learning to share a message with as few unnecessary words as possible poses a fun challenge, especially as someone who loves the written language.”


For those who are looking for fun and easy ways to observe National Learn a New Word Day, download a “Word of the Day” app in hopes of continuing the act beyond today; expanding your vocabulary is crucial. Open up a dictionary and try to learn one of the longest words you can find.  


“It’s like fitting together puzzle pieces: you have to try out a bunch until you find the one that fits,” Merlino said.


Be sure to share your newly learned word with others by putting it on social media, just make sure to tag The Pulse, @messiahpulse, on Instagram. Give yourself a little challenge for the day and try to use your new vocabulary word during the day whether it be in class or with your friends. Impress everybody with your big-brain energy.