Soccer is the premiere sport at Messiah, and for good reason.  The men’s team has won 11 national championships and boasts some of the best athletes on campus.  The women’s team has had similar success, winning the national championship six times.  These programs draw a large amount of the school’s attention, and rightfully so.  This has left the club soccer team to slip silently under the radar.

Just like the soccer team, club soccer’s main season is in the fall.  They are a part of a competitive league with other collegiate club teams in the area.  The winner of the league advances to the regional tournament, with that winner moving on to nationals.  This past fall, Messiah placed second in the league, just behind Penn State.  This left them one place away from making the regional tournament.

In recent years, the 2019 team performed the best.  They won the league, and placed second in the regional tournament. 

“This season we grew together as a team and fought through the ups and downs.  We are in a good position to make even more strides next year,” said club president Levi Fertig.  

One of the reasons why the team is able to perform at a high level is due to camaraderie and the relationships built within the program.  End of season get-togethers and team bonding are just some of many ways this club is able to grow together and lift each other up.  This bond is evident in their playing. 

While the fall season is over, there is no time to rest.  The team still actively practices and plays scrimmages in the spring.  This helps them work on new tactics, develop chemistry, and play for the love of the game.

Tryouts occur at the beginning of every fall season. The roster is pretty large, with 22-25 players accounted for each season.  They practice three times a week, with sessions lasting two hours long.

Since club soccer had a successful season this past fall, they want to build upon their achievements for next season.  Their goal is to win the league and secure a spot at the regional tournament.  By doing this, they will be able to gain attention on campus and establish a strong reputation for the program. 

 Tag Line: “Centerfield,” written by Matthew Simmons focuses on sports and clubs at Messiah that do not get enough attention.  Simmons is focused on informing campus about different club and collegiate athletic programs that fly under the radar.