Messiah sports are rooted in tradition.  Many programs have developed a winning culture and have experienced widespread success.  One team trying to establish that for themselves is the newly formed club golf team.

The team was founded in the fall of 2021 by Nick Shover, Reese Barber, and David Miller.  After a long approval process, the club got up and running in the Spring of 2022. 

“We created this program to build a community of golfers on campus,” said Nick Shover, club co-founder and president. “It’s not about the competition.  We wanted to develop relationships and bond over a common interest.” 

Club golf typically plays in two to three tournaments per season, competing in both the fall and the spring.  They are a part of the Philadelphia Region, going up against schools like Vilanova, Delaware, Rutgers, and West Chester.  

While the program is new, the team has found ways to grow as they establish themselves.  They have improved each year, working their way up in the standings.  Last season they finished fourth in the region, a team best.

The club consists of two parts.  The recreational side is for those who are looking to play for fun, welcoming any skill. The competitive side is for those looking to play in tournaments, including a cut line for those who shoot below 100.

Even though the team has only played a handful of seasons, they have still developed great memories. 

“My favorite memory came from one of our first tournaments,” Shover said. “Our teammate, Griffin McVay, hit a hole in one during abysmal weather conditions.  It was extremely windy and hailing.  The organization that oversees the tournaments, the National Collegiate Club Golf Association, even shouted him out.” 

With the spring season around the corner, the team has their sights set to new heights.  Their goal is to build a cohesive team that pushes each other to be better.  They want to continue to improve on their season low, growing and learning each time they step onto the course.  

A top three finish in the region is exactly what the club needs to showcase their hard work.  This team has shown incredible growth in the past few years, and there seems to be no signs of slowing down.

 Tag Line: “Centerfield,” written by Matthew Simmons focuses on sports and clubs at Messiah that do not get enough attention.  Simmons is focused on informing campus about different club and collegiate athletic programs that fly under the radar.