I love spaghetti and this first article is an ode to my Italian heritage. I have been eating good Italian food since the very beginning, thanks to my nonna, and from her I’ve learned the key to making a savory red sauce that you’ll want to smother on pasta, meatballs, cutlets and so much more. 

When people think of red sauce they just think of tomatoes, sauce, paste and some herbs but there is so much more to sauce. 

The key to making the best sauce starts with a pork base. You’ll start your sauce with your favorite cut of pork whether that’s bacon, pancetta, a ham hock  or even pork chops. You’ll start by sauteing your favorite cut in a nice rich olive oil. You won’t even use the pork in the sauce because you’re browning your meat in order to get the pork flavor from the cut. The lard and other aromatics are what give your sauce that next level flavor. 

After getting all of the juices out of the pork, you’ll then saute your onions and garlic in your pork juices. After your vegetables are cooked, you’ll want to add tomatoes but not just any tomatoes. San Marzano tomatoes are the best because they have the most intense flavor but they’re also not as acidic. When adding your tomatoes, be sure to smash them so your sauce is smooth and rich. 

From here on out the sauce just takes time because the tomatoes need the right amount of heat in order to break down. Once your tomatoes have been broken down you’ll want to add your tomato sauce and paste. It’s up to you how much paste or sauce you add because of desired thickness. 

After your sauce has been simmering on low for a couple of hours, be sure to add salt, oregano and whatever herbs you want for an extra boost of flavor. 

This recipe is easy and takes time but produces the best smooth and velvety red sauce you’ll ever taste. Don’t be the one to shortcut your taste buds, and remember nonna said the best red sauce is made using pork as your base combined with the time and love you put into it. 


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