Madeline Crocenzi

The countdown is on! Get to know another pair on this year’s Homecoming Court and vote using this form.


Name: Ben Talbot
Major:  Economics / Biblical Studies

What’s one of your hidden talents?

Guessing the time correctly. Even if I haven’t checked or known the time for several hours I can usually guess it to the minute.

I’m still waiting for the day that this saves me from disaster, that hasn’t happened yet, though…


Name: Kieran Mayer
Major: Theatre

What’s one thing your friends would say about you? 

One thing that my friends would say about me is that I am a loyal and compassionate friend. I love making people smile and making their day a bit brighter.

If you missed the bios on Bree Whitelock and Connor Reinhard, you can read them here. Stay tuned for more Homecoming Court bios throughout the week!


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