Ian Tan
Student Writer

With ISA/MuKappa’s International Banquet coming up this Saturday, The Pulse is profiling different international students and missionary kids all week. Read about Leah Robinson, an international student from the United Kingdom and a MK from Thailand.

Name: Leah Robinson
Year: Junior
Major: English and Politics
International student from the United Kingdom and Missionary Kid from Thailand

What does the International Banquet mean to you?

The International Banquet is a chance for internationals and MKs to be able to express themselves through cultural performances as well as representing their countries by taking pictures with flags and dressing in traditional outfits.

What’s your favorite part about ISA/MuKappa?

I love the two retreats that are provided for internationals and MKs each year as I relate to both. It’s really nice to be able to get away from Messiah sometimes and enjoy activities for those who can’t go home during holidays or on weekends.

What was the transition to Messiah College like for you?

Being so far from home, Thailand, was really tough at first as I missed my family a lot, but the community here at Messiah is helpful in elevating that.

What do you miss most about the country you are from or the country you grew up in?

I miss the food from both of the countries I grew up in, England and Thailand. I miss my family in both, and I miss the different cultures that I would experience in the melting pot that is Thailand. I also miss the amazing hot weather in Thailand.

What’s one thing you want students to know about international students or MKs at Messiah?

We love to talk about our experiences and time at home, but we also like to just do normal things that you enjoy too, like going to the movies or eating at Baker’s without talking about those experiences. Also, never hesitate to ask us home for holidays—we often don’t have plans and would love to be able to go home with someone and become a part of your family for a week!

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