Maddie Conley, Web Content Manager

Several break-ins were reported in Hess Residence on September 16, coming less than a week after there was a break-in scare that was later found to be a prank.

Between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. yesterday, unlocked student dorms were entered and various valuable items were stolen. The Department of Safety is conducting an investigation, but no suspect has been found.

“While our campus is remarkably safe compared to other campuses, forms of crime still happen in small doses here, and locking your door is probably the largest way to deter those crimes,” said Bryce Watkins, assistant director of housing. “I think the fact that there was a burglary last week raised some people’s awareness of the possibility, but since it was ruled a prank, our students probably did not appropriately react.”

Director of the Department of Safety Cindy Burger reminds students to keep their doors locked when they are not present. The Department also warned students to not give strangers access to residence halls or floors.

Watkins mentioned that with access to floors of the same gender in a building, 80 to 140 students could walk onto a floor at a given time. Any of those students could hold open the door for others.

“So, with so many people capable of entering your floor […] students’ rooms need to be secured by their room key,” he said.

If you have information on the burglaries, you are encouraged to contact the Department of Safety at (717) 691-6005.